The Horse Boy event of the year is almost here!

A few tickets still left so come join us!

Those of you who were lucky enough to attend the first Horse Boy Tribe Day in Germany 5 years ago, will remember how life changing, magical and inspirational it was. Now at last with Covid behind us, we can do it again

Two incredible days in the Colorado High Plains looking at the majestic front range, incredible workshops on the brain, the nervous system, in hand work and more. Plus the sheer pleasure of getting to connect properly with like minded folks – one’s own tribe in fact.

We are hosted by the wonderful Deb Michaels at her HorseBuds facility in Greeley near Fort Collins, which as those in the know, know is the nicest, least built up part of the front range.

Camping and sitting out under her tall shade trees and watching the stars, escaping the heat of the low country. The playground of the Rockies right there to enjoy.

Two powerful days of healing, connection, empowerment, love and inspiration. Join us for this adventure into joy. more:

weitere Infos über den Horse Boy Partner vor Ort : geleitet von Deb Michael Founder and Executive Director of HorseBuds